Pattern Submitted by: Bob

I haven't yet tried this pattern but it looks like it will have great action in the water so I tied a few in different shades of marabou ranging from my favorite "dirty olive" to light olive and tan. I tied mine on size 12 scud hooks, but it might be desirable to try some in sizes 10 to 14. If anyone has used this pattern we would love to receive a report on it and you can contact us to share your experience.


Fine copper wire
Hook #12 scud hook
Thread Size 8/0 to match shade of the marabou
Head Gold bead
Tail Marabou fiber tips
Body Marabou fiber tips
Rib Fine gold wire
Thorax Peacock hurl

Tying Instructions

1. Place gold bead on #12 scud hook
2. Wrap the hook with tying thread to make a base
3. Tie in some long marabou fibers to form the tail and don't cut as they will be used to form the body.
4. Tie in fine copper wire for rib.
5. Wrap the marabou fibers forward to the bead
6. Counterwrap the wire for added durability, tie off and trim
7. Tie in some peacock hurl and wrap to form a collar immediately below the bead, tie off and trim
8. Whip finish behind the bead and cement