Pattern Submitted by: Bob

Several years ago some of us were fishing a beautiful remote lake in British Columbia. We found the fishing to be very slow but one of the locals seemed to have no trouble hooking nice fish. After much frustration we asked him what his secret was and he gave us a sample of this pattern. His secret on that particular lake was to use leech patterns and this was one of his favorites. I copied the pattern and have been using it successfully for several years now and it is one of my favorite leech patterns for British Columbia. This is a good trolling pattern for exploring a new lake but be sure to hang on to your rod as the strikes can be fierce.


Hook #8-#12 2XL
Thread Red Size 6/0 or 8/0
Head Gold bead
Tail Small pinch of Black and red Arizona SimiSeal Dubbing
Body Black and red Arizona SimiSeal Dubbing

Tying Instructions

1. Place gold bead on hook
2. Wrap the hook with tying thread to make a base
3. Tie in a small pinch of the dubbing material for a tail
4. Make a dubbing loop and wrap thread back to the bead
5. Spin strands of the dubbing into a sparse yarn and wrap forward to form the body continually brushing the fibers back toward the tail while wrapping.
6. Tie off the dubbing below the bead and trim
7. Whip finish behind the bead and cement
8. Use a dubbing brush to pick out the dubbing to achieve the fullness you desire.