Pattern Submitted by: Bob

This is a very simple pattern that I have been using for years and have always had a great deal of success with. It is easy to tie and frequently it will take fish when all else fails. I don't know exactly why it works, but it probably resembles a may fly nymph or other small aquatic bug. I like to fish it with an intermediate line in shallow water (5 to 15 feet) using an erratic retrieve. It also works well trolling along shore near the weeds.


Hook #14 standard wet fly hook
Thread Olive 8/0 to match shade of the marabou
Tail Olive marabou fibers
Body Olive marabou fibers
Rib Optional - fine copper wire
Wing Case Trimmed dat ends of the marabou fibers

Tying Instructions

I always tie this pattern on a size #14 wet fly hook of standard length. I generally tie these with marabou dyed a "dirty olive" color but other shades seem to also work well. For tying thread I try to match the shade of the marabou that I will be using. A rib will make the fly more durable and I sometimes use the tag end of the tying thread after I have wrapped it back to the tail rather than a wire rib. They are so quick and easy to tie that I often omit any rib and just replace flies as they become too worn. The entire fly is just a few strands of marabou fibers on a hook but it's worked for me and is worth a try.

1. Wrap hook with olive 8/0 tying thread to form a base
2. Tie in some long marabou fibers to form the tail and don't cut as they will be used to form the rest of the fly.
3. If desired for durability, tie in fine copper wire for rib.
4. Wrap the marabou fibers forward to the hook eye and tie off on the top of the hook leaving room for the head. Don't trim as these will be needed for the case.
5. Counterwrap the body with the wire or the tag end of the tying thread, tie off and trim
6. Fold the marabou fibers back along the top of the hook and make a few wraps around them to direct them toward the rear of the fly.
7. Build up a head, whip finish and cement
8. Trim the tag end of the marabou fibers to form a wing case