Pattern Submitted by: Bob

This is a pattern that has been around for many years and still is a very good stillwater choice. I have used it successfully on both Washington and British Columbia lakes and always carry a few in my fly box. It can be tied in many variations of color, but there are two body styles that I like the best for this pattern. The one that is described here has a body wrapped with pheasant tail fibers and my other favorite variation is tied with a body of peacock herl. When in doubt which fly to use, give it a try. It is a great exploring pattern


Fine copper wire
Hook #8 to #12 2X or 3X long
Thread Black 6/0
Tail Pheasant Tail Fibers
Body Pheasant Tail Fibers. Optional - weight with lead wire.
Rib Optional - fine copper wire
Hackle Pheasant rump

Tying Instructions

1. Wrap black 6/0 tying thread to form a base
2. Tie in 5-8 long pheasant tail fibers for the tail and don't cut
3. Tie in copper wire rib at the tail
4. Wrap the tail feather fibers forward, tie off and trim Be sure to leave room for the hackle and the head
5. Counter wrap the copper wire rib, tie off and trim
6. Tie in Pheasant rump feather hackle and make 2-3 wraps, sparse is best. I like the hackle to extend about the the end of the tail.
7. Build up a head, whip finish and cement