Pattern Submitted by: Bob

I don't know where this pattern originated but I acquired one somewhere and had been carrying it in my fly box for some time "just in case". Then one day I hit a good damsel hatch and had a great time fishing this pattern which the fish took aggressively. I saved this lucky fly for a pattern fly and now I always carry a few in my fly box waiting for that next great damsel hatch. With the swept back wings this fly casts well and seems to look natural in the water.


Hook #10 to #12 standard dry fly hook
Thread Black 8/0
Eyes Adult blue damsel foam body material
Tail Adult Damsel blue & black mono
Body #85 Damsel Blue Scintilla dubbing
Wings Grizzley Hackle Tips
Hackle Grizzley Hackle dyed to match dubbing

Tying Instructions

1. Wrap black 8/0 tying thread to form a base
2. Cut a short piece of the round foam body material and thread it through the side onto the hook up to the front of the hook to form the eyes. Tie firmly in place and apply cement if needed.
3. Tie in mono tail material
4. Select two grizzley hackle tips and tie to either side of the fly for swept back wings
5. Form a slim body with the dubbing material
6. Wrap the dry fly hackle over the dubbed body
7. Wrap the tying thread back to the eye of the hook, whip finish, and cement.