Pattern Submitted by: Bob

This is a pattern that I have used for many years and it has always produced well. It is one of my favorite flies to use when exploring unfamiliar water or when I have no idea what to try. I generally use this fly with an intermediate sink line in shallow water and retrieve it with quick short jerks to create an erratic swim pattern. It also works well trolling along shore past weed beds and near drop offs.


Hook #12 standard length
Thread Olive 8/0 to match shade of the marabou
Tail Olive marabou fibers
Body Olive marabou fibers
Rib Optional - fine copper wire
Hackle/Wing Olive marabou fibers

Tying Instructions

I like to tie this pattern with a #12 wet fly hook of standard length. I have had good luck with that size, but a range of sizes from #10-#14 would be worth a try. For tying thread I try to match the shade of the marabou that I will be using and my favorite shade of marabou for this pattern is a "muddy" olive color. I often add a rib for durability and a quick way to do this is to leave enough of the tag end of the tying thread to counterwrap the marabou body.

1. Wrap hook with olive 8/0 tying thread to form a base
2. Tie in some long marabou fibers to form the tail and don't cut as they will be used to form the body.
3. Tie in fine copper wire for rib.
4. Wrap the marabou fibers forward to the hook eye leaving room for the head
5. Counterwrap the wire or tying thread for added durability, tie off and trim
6. Tie in some marabou fibers on top of the hook near the eye. These should be long enough to reach the tip of the tail
7. Build up a head, whip finish and cement