Deans CDS Elk Hair Caddis

Materials and tools

  1. Hook: 10 to 18 1X Long Dry Fly (match size of hatch
  2. Body: C.D.C. Feather - remove stem, Make Dubbing Loop
  3. Underwing: C.D.C. Feather x2, tie in at tip - Length just short of Hair Wing
  4. Wing: Elk Hair (or Deer) Tent Style - Don't Crowd Head
  5. Front Hackle: CDC feather stem removed, Make dubbing Loop
  6. Thread: head - Brown or Green
  7. Clamp for Thread Splitting: #14532 mini clamp (6pc $7.45)
  8. Dubbing loops (2) split thread
  9. Thread: UTC thread (flat, easy to split)