Future Programs

  • Wednesday March 11th Gardner Community center. Fly Fishing Tierra Del Fuego.

  • April 8th: Share with other club members your favorite fly for local fishing. This will be a chance for all club members to expand their knowledge of local fly fishing. It would be helpful if you could bring enlarged pictures of your favorite fly and well as the recipe.

  • May 13th: Kayak fly fishing. Most of us have experience fishing out of inflatable boats and/or tubes. However, in recent years a number of kayaks designed for fishing have been introduced to the market. Currently this method of fly fishing is probably most popular on the east coast and in the South. However, the sport is growing in the Pacific Northwest. There are three activities related to kayak fly fishing. The first is a chance to see demonstrations of kayaks used for fly fishing. You will have a chance to tryout a kayak. The second is a static display of fishing kayaks. The final is a presentation by an experienced kayak fly angler on kayak fly fishing in Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca

  • June 2015
  • There is no June 10th Meeting!! June 17th program will be a memorial to Hobe Iredale. Please attend. Members are invited to contribute their memories of Hobe.

  • July 11th: The annual Greywolf Picnic at Carrie Blake Park

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